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Covid-19 FAQ

We remain reachable!

In this difficult context, Opel Service is doing its best to carry out the maintanance and repair of light commercial vehicles and passenger cars or its clients and their assistance in case of a breakdown. We wish to contribute to the public services mobility as well as the mobility of our clients who are in need of their car for their essential rides.


Our first priority is to protect the health of our clients and our employees with the setup of exceptional measures in our workshops: barrier measures, gloves mandatory, safety distance must be respected between people, including in queues and during individual reception, appointments and car reception in our workshops. If you have symptoms such as cough or fever when you arrive at our premises, we kindly ask you to delay your appointment until after a medical check.


We are doing everything possible to preserve your health, your safety and your mobility.


Opel Service is following the situation closely and will daily update the opening hours of our workshops in line with our network and in accordance with Governmental regulation. Considering the circumstances, some wokshops could still be closed or have  the opening hours adjusted. Please get in touch with your workshop to check their availability.


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Contact customer service via contact form

Roadside assistance is still operating ; we remain at your side: Opel Assistance : xx xxx xxx


Take care of yourself and of our close ones.

Your Opel Service Team


Are workshops really authorized to welcome clients? 

Workshops are listed as authorized establishments according to the decree issued on March 15 2020 completing the decree issued on March 14 2020 about the different measures taken to fight against COVID-19 virus spreading. This enables everyone to ensure the reliability of one's vehicle for one's personal and/or professional rides. 

I have a non-urgent operation to be done on my vehicle, how can I change my appointment online? 

You can:

Directly call your workshop or the [Brand] Customer Service

Change your appointment online directly from your appointment confirmation email you have received

What types of operations can be done in my workshop during the quarantine period? 

All of them. We can do all the usual operations (maintenance, repair…). During this time, however, we will prioritize urgent operations. 

Are workshops open for all clients? 

Yes. We will take care of your vehicle, whether you are a professional or a private individual. 

My car is part of a recall campaign. Should I go to my workshop? 

Yes. Your safety is our priority. 

Is roadside assistance still operating? 

Yes, we keep this service operating. Would you need to contact us, please call us on xx xxx xx xxx.

In case of a breakdown, your vehicle will be towed to your home if you have a parking space, or at the workshop. We will set up a mobility service to drive you home. 

If I'm too late to have my vehicle checked for its mandatory maintenance, will my warranty be preserved? 

Yes. We invite you to contact your workshop for more details.

What happens to my FlexCare contract? 

Customers with a FlexCare contract, where the  period of validity expires between March 1st 2020 until the end of the containment period, can request their booked services after the Covid-19 crises. For the time being, services can be delayed up to 3 months and 3.000 km beyond the original due time. Example: Service is due on March 26th, customer may ask for it until June 26th.

My car is running out of manufacturer warranty, and i want to purchase a FlexCare contract. Is that possible? 

For the time being, the timeframe where a subscription is feasible will be extended by 3 months. Example: End of manufacturer warranty April 2nd, customer can purchase a FlexCare contract until July 2nd.